The weekly detention/duty roster is always available HERE.

Secondary Detention System – General Information

The Basics

1. Each classroom should have a Class Detention List in the front of the room that is kept up-to-date as needed by the homeroom teacher.

2. If a student in any class is disruptive, disrespectful, tardy, or misbehaving in some other way, any teacher may write their initials next to the student’s name on the Class Detention List in the front of the classroom. Please take the time to write your initials. Please do not simply write an ‘X’.

3. Please try to limit Class Detention List entries to disciplinary infractions, rather than academic issues (e.g. if they don’t complete assignments, homework, etc.). *Not having books or other materials can be considered disciplinary, and warrant Class Detention List entry.

4. There are certain times when a student can be given 3 sets of initials at once (i.e. an automatic detention) for something serious. However, please try not to give automatic detentions for minor incidents. An example of behavior warranting automatic detention might include abusive language toward a member of staff or a classmate. Please note that students using, without permission, the lift/elevator is an automatic detention.

5. When a student receives 3 sets of initials in any one week on the Class Detention List, he or she willbe assigned a detention. If a student receives a 4th set of initials on the Class Detention List, he or she will receive an additional detention.

6. When you mark the third set of initials in any one week, you must inform the student that they are to serve detention & on what day/time. Then, please go to the online register and enter the student’s information on the form for the date they are to serve. On the day of their detention, please remind the student to attend. The link to the weekly detention/ duty roster is always available on acephelpdesk under ‘ACEP Shared Files’,

7. If you make frequent use of the detention system, it would be greatly appreciated if you signed up for more than the bare minimum of two detention duties per term.


1. Detention is held on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays during lunch between 12:20pm – 12:50pm in the Physics Lab on the 3rd floor of the Regina Building. Students have a full half-hour to eat lunch make it to detention on time.

2. One teacher will be on duty during each detention period. Teachers may either ask students to complete the reflection sheet hosted on Schoology (9CQ2-268T-CQX33) to fill out during their detention time, or do something else to make it ‘not fun’ (pick up rubbish around campus, exercise, clean a teachers’ office etc.).

3. During detention or right after, the teacher must check attendance and document it on the online daily roster hosted on ACEP Help Desk. If a student skips detention, they must then serve 2 detentions (the original + 1 more). If they are late they must finish the current detention + 1 more. Please enter the attendance in the online register, the same place where student detentions are recorded. the details in the online detention register and please notify the relevant homeroom teacher when this happens. The homeroom teacher should make sure to remind the student that they are to serve additional detentions, in addition to their original.

4. Please remind students of their upcoming detention during assembly time. If that isn’t possible, please ask the student’s homeroom teacher to remind the student. Many teachers have found that confiscating mobile phones is a great incentive for student attendance in detention. Any questions regarding the detention system can be answered in the first instance by your HOC.

Using the Detention System

1. If you give multiple detentions in the same class/classes, or give an automatic detention for a serious offense, please hold your own personal detention which you handle yourself. You can add them to the main roster but note that you will be holding your own detention for those students.

2. There is an updated list of the total detention count for each student, as well as backups of old registers. If a student receives 3 detentions in a term, Marcin will meet with him/her and issue a warning. If the student receives further detentions during the same term, he/she will have points deducted/parents contacted by Marcin. The link to the total count roster for each student, as well as digital copies of individual class rosters are available via the online detention register.

3. The school’s expectation is that Secondary teachers sign up for at least two detention duties per term.

4. Detention duty teachers should have to manage no more than 10 students. Please do not add more than that amount on any given day. Add names to the next day or hold a private detention if necessary.

5. Students who receive detention are ineligible to attend Reward Day activities at the end of term (if Reward Day activities are held).