All ACEP worksheets must look professional. Teachers cannot simply photocopy a page from a book and give that to students under any circumstances.As staff in the school will come from countries that use either British or American spelling, teachers should use one or the other (but NEVER a combination.). Teachers can then use the spelling in these lessons as an incidental teaching point (different spelling in different countries).

As ACEP is a new school it is important that all teachers follow the same standards to provide parents with a professional image.

When preparing a worksheet, all foreign teachers should always follow the procedure below:

  • Include “Name, Class, Number and Date (Year 1 – Year 12)
  • Divide sections on the worksheet using numbers (1, 2, 3 or Roman Numerals) rather than ‘bullets’ so that teachers can easily refer to a section when discussing the worksheet with students.
  • Check thoroughly for mistakes.
  • Give to a colleague to check for errors/suggestions.
  • Years 1-3 only should use a font that is similar to printed handwriting. For example, Comics Sans font.
Thai parents will comment if worksheets contain errors. Teachers MUST be accountable for the worksheets that they produce and/or are asked to check for a colleague.