Teachers are permitted to have visiting family and friends on campus to observe lessons and school life during school hours. In this event, the Head of Foreign Affairs should be advised at least one day prior to the visit.
Note that out of respect to Thai culture and Assumption College expectations visitors to the school MUST dress appropriately as clearly stated below. The visitors’ ‘dress code’ is to ensure that foreign teachers maintain a professional image with Thai colleagues, parents and most importantly our students. If visiting friends do not have suitable clothing they are welcome to see the school after 5 p.m. (Monday – Friday) or anytime on Saturday or Sunday.
  • Men: ‘smart’ pants or clean jeans (very minimum) with a collared shirt (tucked in) and proper shoes (better than joggers). No T-shirts or sandals.
  • Women: ‘smart’ dress or skirt (not denim) with a smart/collared shirt (if wearing skirt) and shoes with ankle strap. No T-shirts or sandals.
Teachers who allow visitors to enter the school not dressed as stated above will have their bonus deducted.