Assumption College English Program is not an International School. It is a Thai school, and therefore has quite a stringent dress code. This is because Thai culture holds teachers in high esteem, and it is essential that all teachers dress appropriately when working. Appropriate dress for teachers in Thailand varies greatly from Western countries.
As a famous Thai school, Assumption College teachers are expected to be conservatively dressed. Male and female teachers are required to wear clothes that fit the guidelines clearly outlined in this section. They should NOT try to ‘interpret’ these guidelines ‘in the name of fashion’.
Teachers should wear the clothing described in this section from the minute they walk in the school gate until they have left the school’s vicinity after work (e.g.- male teachers must enter and leave the school wearing a neck tie). Teachers should not change into other clothing before leaving school except under special circumstances (e.g.- playing sport immediately after work).
Most importantly, the school expects students to wear their uniform neatly. Teachers should be a model of this expectation with their own dress at all times (i.e., LOOK tidy).
Male teachers:
  • Must wear dark coloured business trousers on all days (NOT cotton pants).
  • Must wear black leather shoes.
  • Must wear a business shirt with a neck tie that is properly tied (not loosened) throughout the entire day and covered properly by the shirt collar at the back. The sleeves should be rolled down all day except on rare occasions when air conditioning is broken or staff are working outside on a display board, at a cheering practice, etc.
  • Details of the shirt colours are:
    • Mondays and Tuesdays: Shirt must be white (with an AC neck tie).
    • Wednesdays and Thursdays: Shirts can be other colours but they must be proper business shirts. Colors need to be subdued, no bright colored shirts.
    • Fridays: Polo shirt with a school logo (provided by the school)
Female teachers:

Female teachers must wear an Assumption College uniform on Mondays and Tuesdays. All new female teachers are given fabric to have uniforms tailored.
On Wednesdays and Thursdays, female teachers may wear their own clothes if they comply with the Assumption ‘Dress Code’.
On Fridays, female teachers should wear a polo shirt with a school logo and black pants or a black skirt.

The Assumption College ‘Dress Code’ for female teachers is summarised below:
  • Clothing should not be tight or fitted.
  • Skirts or dresses must be at least knee length.
  • Tops must have sleeves and a collar. To further clarify:
    • Shoulders must be covered;
    • Cap sleeves are not ok;
    • No plunging neck lines (i.e., no visible cleavage or bra);
    • Tops should not be made from t-shirt style fabric.
  • Shoes must have closed or peep toes. They must have an ankle strap and appear to be predominantly closed (not sandals or similar).
  • Clothing (especially white) should not be transparent.

Generally, female teachers in Thai schools are unable to wear pants when teaching. There are some days however, (e.g.- special activities or excursions) when teachers can wear pants.

Sport Day Clothing for Males and Females:

During the school year, the school will arrange various sports’ activities. On these days, teachers are required to wear LONG pants (usually jeans or track pants) and an ACEP polo shirt provided by the school. Teachers cannot wear shorts, three-quarter length pants or spandex on these days.