Sometimes foreign and Thai teachers find certain aspects of working with each other frustrating.
ACEP is a new school and it is up to all foreign and Thai teachers to ensure that good, positive working relationships are established and maintained between Thai and foreign staff.
Teachers must always be polite and professional when interacting with Thai and foreign colleagues. Under NO circumstances should a foreign teacher be confrontational, condescending, patronising and/or express anger or frustration with Thai colleagues.
Foreign and Thai teachers should look upon each other as ‘colleagues’ and ‘equal’. Foreign and Thai teachers should not look upon their co-teacher (who they share a class with) as an ‘assistant’, but rather work together, sharing all responsibilities, for the benefit of their students.

Problem with a foreign or Thai teacher: If a teacher has a serious problem with another teacher, they should discuss the matter with an Head of Foreign Affairs who will make suggestions for resolving the issue/s.

Depending on the Thai teacher’s English level, teachers are advised to try to talk to each other professionally about the issue/s.
Foreign teachers should remember that some Thai teachers’ English is not strong so avoid discussing ‘contentious’ issues where the content of your comments could be misunderstood (especially if it is a 20 second conversation at the classroom door when changing periods, for example).
If a foreign or Thai teacher is repeatedly late or causing ‘frustration’ in another way, teachers should keep a record of their actions over a few weeks and give this to the Head of Foreign Affairs and a procedure will be followed to resolve the problem.