The school provides foreign teachers with vans (from and to Bangkok). School administrators will assign teachers to vans. Please use the assigned van every morning and afternoon. While the occasional swap is acceptable, do NOT permanently change vans, as all staff have been distributed evenly to make the trips as comfortable as possible for everyone.
Please be considerate and be on time every day. However, please wait for colleagues who are occasionally late (within reason). Before the van leaves, please ensure that all colleagues are on the van.
If you will not be on the van, please CALL a colleague on the van (CALL rather than message to ensure that they are aware).
The school guarantees that they will provide vans to and from the expressway only. Any additional routes are arranged in good faith and are a bonus for us all. There is no guarantee that additional routes will always be offered if demand changes or another issue occurs.
Drivers are not allowed to change routes without the approval of the school administration. Please do not ask drivers to change their assigned routes.