Teachers may use some of their five days paid leave for personal reasons. Information related to this leave is below:

  • Personal Leave is intended to provide teachers with an opportunity to spend time with visiting family and friends, dentist appointments, moving apartments, etc.
  • Teachers are not required to explain their reason for taking Personal Leave.
  • When a teacher takes Personal Leave they will ‘owe’ colleagues who cover their classes for them while they are absent.
  • While teachers may take Personal Leave days consecutively and attached to a normal (two day weekend) the leave cannot be attached to a long weekend or school holidays.
  • In order to request Personal Leave, teachers should submit Leave Request Form at least one week beforehand. The Leave Request will be approved within 48 hours.
  • A maximum of four staff may take Personal Leave on the same day/s. The two teachers cannot work on the same Year Level. Leave approval will be given to the staff who request it first.
  • After Personal Leave has been approved, the teacher should make arrangements with colleagues to cover their classes and any duties they have on the days they will miss.
  • To avoid potential problems with parents, teachers should not advise students that they will be absent from school prior to taking Personal Leave.
  • When on Personal Leave, teachers should make every effort to avoid the immediate school area.