Activities during Morning Homeroom Periods will differ considerably between Year Levels.Generally the activities during Homeroom Periods (especially for Primary classes) will be for one of the purposes below:

  • to provide moral guidance to students
  • to build a class community spirit
  • Year Assemblies
  • to increase the students’ basic level of literacy (reading activities for example)
  • to provide skills that support the curriculum for subjects taught by the foreign teachers
The activities for each Year Level will be advised at the beginning of the school year by the Year Coordinator. Once activities have been advised, there MUST be consistency between classes within the Year Level.

It is the Homeroom teacher’s responsibility to ensure that these activities are completed during Homeroom Periods, regardless of the subject that they teach (in the case of Year 4-12 teachers). Teachers should not replace these activities with DVD’s, playing games, etc. under any circumstances.