All teachers will participate in numerous meetings each week. The meetings include Whole Staff Meetings, Year Level Meetings and/or Content Group Meetings.
Most meetings are scheduled on each teacher’s timetable. Therefore, teachers are expected to be punctual to all meetings to avoid wasting the time of colleagues who have met expectations and arrived on time.
Meetings are counted as a part of teachers’ teaching time, and therefore teachers should expect that EVERY meeting will last for its full duration. Teachers must be prepared to participate in meetings for their full duration professionally without complaining of hunger etc., and without requesting to leave the meeting before it has concluded.
Similarly, teachers should stay ‘on track’ during meetings and avoid going off on unnecessary tangents. Meeting time is limited and these ‘tangents’ may prevent all necessary matters being discussed in the meeting, OR distract people from taking on board the main points discussed in meetings. If teachers have an issue that is not relevant to all of the meeting’s participants, they should speak with the meeting leader later rather than asking questions during the meeting. This is to avoid the meeting’s focus changing, and other colleagues having to spend excessive time listening to discussions that are not applicable to them during the meeting.
Teachers are expected to contribute to meetings as required, and follow up on matters discussed without reminders. To assist with this, all teachers should take paper and a pen to meetings to write down personal reminders about points raised, upcoming deadlines etc. Teachers are encouraged to store these notes in a book or folder.
Other meeting etiquette expected of teachers during all meetings are:
  • No eating meals during meetings (snacks exempted).
  • No marking of students’ work or other preparation etc.
  • No use of mobile phones for calls or SMS unless they are directly related to work.
  • The Minutes of meetings will be made available to staff after most meetings and it is assumed that staff will read these and follow the directions stated without reminders.
IMPORTANT: Staff in any Year or Content Group should avoid impromptu meetings. This is especially the case if not all staff are present. This is to ensure that all staff are involved in decision making and that all staff receive the same information and follow the same routines.