Thai parents expect for all work set by teachers to be marked or checked, regardless of their child’s Year Level.
Teachers should check and return students’ completed work within 2-3 school days. Teachers should not allow numerous pages of work to accumulate unchecked. Some general rules for checking students work are:

  • Tick or cross EVERY question/answer.
  • Write the correct answer when students make an error OR direct the students to try again and then re-check the work (writing the correct answer if necessary).
  • Marking as a class or peer marking can be appropriate and beneficial for students learning. However, if teachers use this method they need to personally re-check and sign these pages.
  • With the exception of regular activities like weekly spelling tests, teachers should NEVER write a numerical score on work that they have checked as this has the potential to cause problems with parents who will assume that the task was an assessment activity and scrutinise it incredibly closely.
  • Teachers should always initial and date work when they finished checking it. If the work checked was several pages of a textbook, teachers may write their initials and date on the last page that they checked only.