To enable teachers who have been admitted to a hospital to recover without worrying about repaying classes, the school will provide paid absence for teachers who are hospitalised according to the conditions below:

[table caption=”” width=”500″ colwidth=”20|100|50″ colalign=”center|center”]
duration of hospitalization, duration of paid leave
1 night,3 days
2 nights,4 days
3 nights,5 days


If teachers are hospitalised for more than 3 nights the school may consider additional paid leave. In this event, teachers will be considered case by case according to the factors below:

  • Years of service to the school.
  • Nature of the teacher’s ailment.

If the illness is self-induced (for example, through alcohol abuse) Hospitalisation Leave will not be provided.

If a teacher receives paid Hospitalisation Leave, at the time of being discharged from hospital they should go home by taxi and avoid the school area until they return to work.