Thai parents expect teachers to set homework for students almost every day, however, the amount of homework should be reasonable. Homework set by teachers may be the completion of an activity that was begun in class on that day or it may consist of other tasks or activities.Teachers should write details of the expected homework on classroom whiteboards for students to copy into their Homework Diaries.

If homework is a term project, teachers should check students’ progress regularly, not just collect the projects at the due date.

PRIMARY TEACHERS: It is an individual teacher’s responsibility to ensure that students return their completed homework by keeping records. The punishment for students who forget to return their homework is determined at Year Level at the beginning of the school year and should be enforced by each teacher.

Thai parents expect homework to be collected and checked by teachers. Teachers should not use the excuse that the students ‘didn’t return it to me’ for failing to check homework. Teachers must ‘chase’ homework that has not been returned.

NOTE – During Summer School ALL primary teachers must place a ‘Homework’ section on the whiteboard in their homeroom classroom using permanent marker. This will be used during the school year.

SECONDARY TEACHERS: In order to teach students a sense of responsibility, teachers should expect their students to submit their homework by the required date. If they fail to do so the teachers should give them a reminder to submit the work the following day. Students will be penalised for failing to submit homework after a reminder.