The only people who have keys to EP classrooms and other learning areas are the school’s cleaners. They unlock the rooms at approximately 7 a.m. and lock them again at approximately 5 p.m. each day. During each school week, every classroom is used by approximately 8 teachers.
Therefore, the teachers should always:
  • Keep the teachers’ desk clear for other teachers to use.
  • Allow whiteboard space for other teachers to use.
Please note, while teachers are encouraged to take ownership of their homeroom classroom, they must remember that the rooms do not belong to them. For Year 1-3 teachers especially, while you are the main teacher in your room, your classroom, whiteboard, smartboard, etc. are the school’s property and other teachers are entitled to use them.
Same within Year Level (Primary):
While occasionally the furniture, number of display boards, etc. in classrooms will differ, the school’s intention is to provide all classrooms within a Year Level with exactly the same equipment.
Teachers cannot request additional furniture or other significant alterations to their own classroom.
Classroom Displays and Cleanliness:
In Thai culture, the way that things look is VERY important and current and prospective parents WILL judge the school by the school’s appearance. It is the entire staff’s responsibility to ensure that the school maintains bright educational displays and a high level of cleanliness at all times.
All teachers are responsible for updating classroom displays during the school year. As a guide, the font used on displays should be BIG so that students can read it from a distance – as a guide minimum size should be 130 Comic Sans.
  • Year 1-3 foreign homeroom teachers are responsible for decorating their own classroom. The Thai teacher who shares the homeroom may help with some displays.
  • Year 4-6 teachers are responsible for arranging furniture, etc. in the classroom and maintaining some display boards. All rooms will have designated Mathematics, Science and English boards and the subject teachers are responsible for the content on those display boards. The common boards at the front (or side) of classrooms should be maintained by the Homeroom teachers (Thai and foreign).
  • Year 7-12 teachers are responsible for arranging furniture and maintaining displays in their classroom. Heads of Content will provide directions when necessary.
While all teachers should ensure that rooms remain tidy while they are teaching, it is the Homeroom teacher’s job to ensure that their classroom remains tidy through the school year. This includes keeping all bookshelves tidy and not cluttered with rubbish and repairing common display boards as they get damaged. Rubbish should not accumulate in or behind cupboards.
The school requires ALL teachers (Year 1-12) to maintain a ‘fish bowl’ effect in their classroom to allow people to see into the classroom from the corridor. Therefore teachers should not stick anything to windows or glass doors that face the corridor.
Preserving Classrooms:
The school has invested an enormous amount of money to provide modern and attractive classrooms for teachers and students.
By its nature, the school will have a reasonable turnover of foreign teachers each year. Although some foreign teachers may only work at the school for 1-2 years, they are expected to take ownership of classrooms and resources to ensure that they are preserved for future years.
In order to preserve classrooms, under no circumstances stick anything to painted walls or doors with sticky tape, glue, blu-tac, etc..
Teachers should never use ‘thinner’ to clean permanent pen or stubborn stains off whiteboards as this may damage the whiteboards.
Technology in Classrooms to assist with Teaching and Learning – SmartBoards:
All classrooms are fitted with Samsung smartboards. Year Coordinators will provide guidance on how to use these if required. New teachers are encouraged to use these as often as possible to ensure that they familiarize themselves with their operation.
Teachers should keep the remote control/s for any electrical devices in classrooms under the smartboard.