All teachers have several Free Periods each week on their timetable. While parts of these periods offer teachers a chance to relax, eat, check email etc., they are primarily provided by the school to allow teachers time for lesson preparation, marking, assessment, preparation of resources and displays, etc. Free periods are, therefore, work periods.Teachers are expected to remain on duty during the majority of their Free Periods. While occasionally teachers need to leave the school for extended periods of time to do personal banking business, see a doctor, etc., generally teachers should make every effort to minimise the time they spend outside of the school during Free Periods. If teachers leave the school during Free Periods their absence should be for as short a time as possible.

If teachers have a Free Period before the lunch break they may eat in the school canteen anytime after 11am.

During Free Periods teachers should minimise noise in the Teachers’ Room so they do not distract colleagues who are working.

During Free Periods teachers CANNOT work in classrooms if another teacher is using it unless they have made prior arrangements. Similarly they CANNOT withdraw students from another teacher’s lesson to work with them one-on-one or to conduct assessment tasks. Teachers should not make a habit of ‘delivering’ books or entering classrooms for other purposes while students are learning with other Thai or foreign teachers. This is both to extend professional courtesy and to minimise disruptions to lessons.