Computer Lab B in Regina Coeli has been configured for use of the NetSupport School classroom management software. This software is similar to iTalc (used in previous years), but has superior┬ámanagement controls. You can still perform iTalc tasks such as locking screens, sending out messages, and shutting down/rebooting student computers. However, this advanced software also allows you to distribute/collect files, take simple student ‘yes/no/maybe’ surveys, distribute quizzes, restrict web or application access, and a variety of other functions. The basics are pretty easy to learn; additional functions can be learned via tutorials online. Here’s a tutorial video for the basic uses

The password is the same as the teacher accounts in both labs, which is ‘rosebud314’. This protects the teacher’s computer settings from being altered by students.

You can open the NetSupport admin console (pictured below) by double-clicking the icon on the desktop (which is a star).

Lab A still uses iTalc for now, but may be updated to the new software setup in the future.