Teachers must minimise the number of parties they have with their class, as this (usually) results in extra work for teachers, co-teachers and school cleaners.As a general rule teachers CANNOT have parties on the last day of school before exams and during the exam week.

Parents should be advised at the start of the school year that on their child’s birthday they should provide a cake ONLY (with disposable plates, etc.). If a parent provides more than a cake for their child’s birthday then the teacher should tell the whole class to remind their parents that they should provide a cake ONLY to prevent ‘competition’ amongst parents.

If teachers would like to organize a party in their classroom with food from the outside, they should complete the ‘Form for bringing food to school’ (a docx version can be found HERE) (both sections of the form) and submit it to Ms. Sirirat (Regina Coeli Building, Floor 1, Student Affairs Office) at least 3 days before the party. Teachers should pick up the form (with Ms. Sirirat’s decision) the following day from the same office.