All foreign teachers who complete a full contract are awarded a Contract Completion Bonus.

The actual Contract Completion Bonus amount will be determined by a joint evaluation of each teacher by a team of Thai and foreign administrators.

Teachers should note that there will be mid-year evaluations where areas for development will be identified. Teachers will also evaluate themselves at this time.
Ultimately, the bonus amount will be largely determined by each teacher’s ability to follow the content of the Foreign Teachers’ Handbook (see below).

Contract Completion Bonuses will be paid to teachers with their final monthly salary payment (end of March). The bonus, as per Foreign Teacher Contract, is taxed.
Teachers will be advised of their actual bonus amount during the last week of the school year. That information is STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. The bonus amount must not be discussed with other staff of Assumption College.

Things that will be considered before bonuses are determined (in no specific order) include:

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Familiarity with Handbook, General Teaching
General Organisation, Behaviour Management
Rapport with students, Rapport with parents
Contributions to Meetings, Ability to work independently (except for new staff)
Willingness to volunteer for tasks, Extra duties performed in own time
Attitude (consistency of character), Interactions with Thai and foreign colleagues
Attention to Detail, Punctuality
Effort/Contributions in Assemblies, Cleaning (classroom)

All teachers should remember that Assumption College English Program is one of the highest paying Thai schools.

As the school is a new campus, foreign staff should expect to be given extra work to do from time to time. This may sometimes mean that teachers have to arrive at school early in the morning, work back in the afternoon OR do some work at home at night (as teachers often do in western countries).