One Saturday per year, ACEP invites parents to a ‘Parent Orientation Meeting’. This is basically the school’s parent-teacher meeting day.On the day of ‘Parent Orientation Meeting’ all parents are invited to meet their child’s foreign and Thai teachers in their classrooms. Prior to meetings with teachers, parents also attend a meeting in the school auditorium where administrators provide them with general information about the school in the current year.
In classrooms, foreign and Thai teachers should agree on a time frame to speak with parents.

5 minutes: When most parents have arrived Foreign and Thai teachers introduce themselves. Foreign teachers invite parents to introduce themselves and name their child.
20 minutes: Foreign teacher speaks.
20 minutes: Thai teacher speaks and arranges parents to form the class parent committee.
15+ minutes: Discussion

Some general points that teachers should remember when talking to parents are:

  • Be confident and positive about all aspects of ACEP.
  • As there will be a large number of parents attending the meeting, teachers will not be able to speak with individual parents in details about their child’s progress. Rather, teachers will present to the parents general information about their teaching, expectations, routines, etc.
  • If a parent would like to talk in detail about their child’s progress, they should be politely asked to arrange an appointment with you at another time or perhaps at the end of the session.
  • Make a point of answering what the parent asks only. Going into more detail than necessary has the potential to cause confusion. Be polite but to the point.
  • Foreign teachers should remember to speak slowly and clearly. Avoid colloquial language. This may be hard to do if you are nervous.
  • If teachers are unable to answer any questions they should suggest that the parent/s organise a time to speak with the Head of Foreign Affairs, Year Coordinator / Head of Content, etc.
Finally, to ensure consistency between classes and Year Levels, teachers cannot present parents with any handout material at the Parent Orientation Meeting.