Thai Immigration law requires foreigners’ passports to be seen by Immigration Officials every 90 days – we refer to this as the 90 Day Report or Check.

The 90 Day Check involves the passport being taken to the Immigration Department where officials will add a stamp and record the foreigner’s current address in Thailand. The foreigner does NOT have to do this personally. Unlike many schools, ACEP Administration Staff will do 90 Day Reports for foreign teachers.

As of April 2015,  Ms. Naan will continue to do our 90 day reports (as normal) unless:

  1. You prefer to do it yourself. In this case, please advise Ms. Naan that you will do it yourself AND, afterwards, inform her when your next 90 day report is due for her records.
  2. Your 90 day report falls within a school holiday period and you are staying in Thailand. In this case you will have to do your own 90 day report online (or at Immigration).


– It must be done between 15-7 days BEFORE the due date (For example, if your 90 days is due on the 15th, you have to do online report between the 1st – 8th)

– You must check the status of your application (7 days later).

– When completed you must print the confirmation and staple it in your passport.

The fine for reporting late is 5,000 baht. There is seven days ‘grace’ but on the eighth day the foreigner must pay a 5,000 baht fine.

The ACEP administrative staff aim to keep track of each teacher’s 90 day report and they will send reminders when the date is approaching. HOWEVER – each foreign teacher is also responsible for keeping track of their own date (>>>> in the unlikely event that the Thai staff accidentally miss a date the ACEP staff will NOT be accountable for any consequent fines).Teachers are encouraged to remember their 90 Days date by writing it on calendars, setting mobile phone reminders, etc. BASICALLY – it is up to individual teachers.

How are 90 Days Calculated?

  • A foreigner’s 90 days is counted from the date they last entered Thailand OR their last 90 Day Report. This is approximately three calendar months.
  • Each time that a foreigner re-enters Thailand from a trip abroad their 90 day period will re-start.
  • NOTE: An extension of stay or any other visit to immigration (for a re-entry permit, etc.) does NOT restart the 90 day period.